Workforce Dimensions Scheduling Datasheet

Workforce Dimensions™ Scheduling helps you build more accurately forecasted schedules that automatically align your employees to demand while reducing costs and compliance risk.

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Workforce Management in the Age of AI

Explore how Kronos and Workforce Dimensions are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to make workforce management tools even more powerful.

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Kronos Partner Network Brochure

The Kronos Partner Network brings together our broad skills and experience to expand our reach and help customers achieve their business goals.

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Moneyball for Retail: The New Competitive Advantage

Use the Moneyball curve to determine what effect your labour has on sales and margins.

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Workforce Analytics for Retail Feature Guide

Workforce Analytics for Retail delivers reliable data you can use to understand labour issues and make informed decisions.

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Detecting a Widespread but Hidden Business Cost: Time Theft

Time theft is one of the largest hidden business costs. Learn how an automated workforce solution provides data visibility to detect and reduce time theft.

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Hassle-Free Best Practices for Onboarding eBook

New-hire on-boarding woes? Learn best practices for more effective on-boarding that will simplify the process for your HR team and delight your new hires.


Onboarding Checklist

This comprehensive checklist of essential onboarding tasks can lead your HR team to a more efficient process to help ensure new-hire success.

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Warning Signs: How to Know if You Need a Workforce Solution

Use this checklist to help you determine if you need a new time and attendance solution to better manage four of the most difficult workforce issues.

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Workforce Dimensions Demo

Today’s workforce expects their technology at work to match the ease, speed, and functionality of modern consumer applications. Learn how Workforce Dimensions™ delivers exactly that.

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