Workforce Timekeeper Datasheet

Workforce Timekeeper enables you to track, manage and control employee time and attendance for uncompromised results. This powerful solution consistently applies work and pay rules, tracks and enforces complex compliance requirements and simplifies time-consuming administrative tasks. As a result, your organisation is better able to control labour costs, minimise compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

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Your ERP System is Leaking

Labour costs represent one of the largest expenses for any company, yet collecting information about that expense — hours worked, shift differentials, work rules — is one of the areas least exploited with regard to a company’s ability to automate business processes. Discover how Kronos can help you avoid a costly, time-consuming and inefficient ERP implementation and recover as much as 2% of your total labour costs currently lost to fraud and waste each year.

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eBook: Out-of-date Technology Delays Future of Workforce Management

Download this eBook and learn how every employee in your company - from sales to department heads, IT and business staff - with the use of technologies to maximise productivity, can increase efficiency. With the support of Kronos for Retail, we can help your organisation in securing an advantage over your competitors and banish old-fashioned solutions.

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Labour Analytics for Logistics Datasheet

Workforce Analytics for Logistics provides actionable insights to help your managers make data-driven decisions that control labour costs, increase productivity, and optimise service quality.

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Workforce Activities Datasheet

Kronos Workforce Activities gives you the automated tools you need to reconcile all your paid time to labour. You can take action before your bottom line is at risk.

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Workforce Budgeting Datasheet

Workforce Budgeting™ — part of the Kronos® for Retail workforce management suite — addresses budgeting challenges by giving retailers a more accurate and collaborative way to perform sales and labor planning.

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Plus Support Datasheet

Learn about the major benefit of this plan - your own senior-level technical account manager - and what you'll gain from upgrading to this level of support.

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Workforce Tablet Datasheet

Kronos® Workforce Tablet™ provides mobile access to your Workforce Central® system. Get the power of Kronos on your iPad.

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