Workforce Absence Manager: Time Off and Accruals Datasheet

Automate both complex and simple attendance policies and apply them consistently. Watch labour costs go down and employee productivity go up.

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Workforce Activities Overview

Kronos® Workforce Activities™ gives you the automated tools you need to reconcile all your paid time to labour. With complete, real-time visibility into how your operations perform against productivity goals and benchmarks, you gain the power to make truly effective, knowledge-based decisions now — before your bottom line is at risk.

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Workforce Analytics Datasheet

Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ transforms your integrated workforce data into actionable, role-based insights. This powerful analytics solution takes the “who” and the “what” of your daily workforce operations and applies business intelligence to uncover the “why,” helping you to understand the hidden causes — and costs — of  issues like excessive overtime, chronic absenteeism, low productivity and ineffective schedules.

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Workforce Forecast Manager Datasheet

The Kronos® Workforce Forecast Manager™ for Retail allows managers to accurately forecast business volume and labour allocations.

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Workforce Scheduler Mobile SMS Quick Fill

The Kronos® Workforce Scheduler™ mobile SMS Quick Fill™ feature is a one-click method of filling shifts that become available after schedules have been created. Facilitating two-way mobile communication between staffing coordinators or managers and their employees, SMS Quick Fill is the ideal method of finding the right staff members to pick up open shifts.

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