Three Key Learnings to Take Away when Selecting and Implementing your HCM Solution

Choosing the right HCM technology marks the first step in your journey to delivering on what your business and employees need to succeed. The next steps are pivotal to make sure you utilise the software correctly. Avoid repaving the “cow path” and reimagine what will work best for your organisation now and into the future. Consider these three key learnings when selecting and implementing your HCM solution.

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Scheduling During Times of Disruption

Times of disruption add to scheduling complexity. Learn how scheduling technology helps manufacturers keep employees safe and engaged and operations running.

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Ready for the future: HCM and Payroll

This eBook explores the workforce and human capital management challenges that Australian businesses are facing today in 2020 and ahead in 2021.

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Simplifying Payroll: Getting from 2020 to 2021

This infographic invites you to explore the HR and Payroll maze of 2020, highlighting the key challenges and trends to watch out for.

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