Your ERP System is Leaking

How to Use a Time and Labour Data Collection System to Plug Holes Caused by Errors, Fraud and Waste

Labour costs represent one of the largest expenses for any company, yet collecting information about that expense — hours worked, shift differentials, work rules — is one of the areas least exploited with regard to a company’s ability to automate business processes. Discover how Kronos can help you avoid a costly, time-consuming and inefficient ERP implementation and recover as much as 2% of your total labour costs currently lost to fraud and waste each year.

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Companies that have implemented Kronos have seen direct savings. Equally important, the Kronos solution prevents bottlenecks in payroll processing workflows, because the data filters directly into your ERP payroll solution.

By employing the Kronos solution to plug leaks in time and labour data collection, many companies have realised ROI within two years — and many within a single year. With the ease of implementation and peace of mind that result from a reliable and complete solution that enhances security, Kronos enables you to get the most out of your ERP system without requiring ERP to extend beyond its core competencies.