Your store managers have to consider many factors when creating a schedule. While they may be able to estimate the correct number of employees needed to cover an average week or month, can they accurately forecast by shift or hour for a specific day?  The Kronos® Workforce Forecast Manager™ for Retail allows managers to accurately forecast business volume and labour allocations. This robust labour forecasting software solution helps project sales and required labor down to 15-minute increments. It allows store managers to create accurate forecasts based on a wide range of definable metrics, including sales, transactions, customers served, and units sold. Managers can independently forecast and distribute expected business volume across each day.  

Workforce Forecast Manager Datasheet

Key Benefits:

  • Predict labour demand down to 15 minute increments
  • Avoid costly overstaffing
  • Minimise understaffing and lost sales
  • Create demand-driven forecasts and schedules
  • Tailor forecasting by level of data
  • Improve customer service