Workforce Dimensions Task Management

Advanced Tools to Forecast, Assign, and Track Work More Efficiently

Use Workforce Dimensions™ Task Management to empower employees, send targeted content, validate tasks, and access the most accurate task data.

The Kronos Workforce Dimensions Task Management solution can enhance your organization’s task management in several valuable ways. Engaging your employees and giving you a holistic view of tasks that drive the business, it will help increase customer satisfaction. Creating a unified user experience for corporate, managers, and associates will elevate the overall employee experience. And by providing real-time visibility into the status of every project, this solution will help maximise employee productivity.

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As a manager, you’ll appreciate the enhanced capabilities and features Workforce Dimensions Task Management offers:

  • Empower your people where they are with the flexibility and convenience of mobile-first technology and responsive applications.
  • Help your staff be more productive — and cut through the clutter — with personalised employee communications and targeted content.
  • Review, approve, and validate tasks in real time with the photo validation feature to ensure that mission-critical tasks are on target and on time.
  • Easily access the most accurate, meaningful, and timely data to make informed task management decisions.
  • Leverage powerful integration capabilities to highlight key information and incite action at every level.