Workforce Dimensions Performance Management Datasheet

Stay on top of employee performance with a data-driven solution that aligns your organisation for success.

Nurture employee performance with data-driven evaluations that eliminate paperwork. Learn how the Workforce Dimensions™ Performance Management solution can help.

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Workforce engagement and positive corporate culture are critical to retaining high-performing employees in a tight talent market. Backward-looking performance assessments do little to drive engagement and productivity. To nurture top talent, organisations must make people feel valued, foster transparency, and support communication on an ongoing basis.

Workforce Dimensions Performance Management enables managers to continually assess, coach, and recognise employees for their achievements. Management can create and complete assessments for hourly and salaried employees based on defined criteria. Corporate goals are defined and cascade down to groups and individual employees to align your organisation for success.

Key features allow you to:

  • Save time and streamline processes
    Employ online review forms and automate workflows
  • Increase engagement and retention
    Monitor employees’ goals and provide ongoing feedback
  • Support employee development
    Track skills and certifications to know who needs training and when
  • Link compensation to performance
    Establish a Merit Matrix to award pay based on performance rating
  • Align your organisation
    Track performance at the corporate, group and individual levels

Download this informative guide to learn why Workforce Dimensions Performance Management may be right for you.