Today’s workforce expects their technology at work to match the ease, speed, and functionality of modern consumer applications. And that’s exactly what Workforce Dimensions from Kronos delivers.

Workforce Dimensions Demo

You will learn how Workforce Dimensions empowers you to work smarter in the modern cloud — all with the flexibility to work the way you want, when and where you want. See how:

  • Hourly employees can update timecards and view schedules and accruals from any device
  • Salaried employees can access time-off requests and accruals as well as track billable time with project timecards
  • Managers gain access to real-time analytics with one touch and turn valuable insight into action
  • Your entire workforce can simplify daily tasks with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) to drive smart, predictive, and personalised recommendations

Take 15 minutes to learn how Workforce Dimensions delivers a breakthrough employee experience and unprecedented levels of operational insight into managing your workforce.