UKG Virtual Roster Solution Guide

A comprehensive, intelligent workforce scheduling solution for casino resorts

Casino resorts face unique workforce issues. UKG Virtual Roster scheduling solutions help optimise employee engagement and the guest experience.

A diverse employee base, complex pay policies, wide-ranging skill and certification requirements, and fluctuating service demands make casino resort workforce management especially challenging. From workload planning and analysis to schedule creation and real-time management, the UKG Virtual Roster suite provides the intelligent tools you need to streamline operations, manage labour complexity, engage team members, and deliver exceptional service.

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Find out how UKG Virtual Roster improves workforce management through:

  • Intelligent scheduling that balances cost, compliance, and service
  • Streamlined processes for forecasting, scheduling, staff management, and reporting
  • Real-time labour visibility that guides more informed business decisions.

Download this solution guide from UKG™(Ultimate Kronos Group) to learn why UKG Virtual Roster is a sure bet for casino resort workforce scheduling.