Overall Labour Effectiveness™ (OLE), the model and toolset pioneered by Kronos, provides a window into workforce productivity. Kronos OLE tools expose the impact of both direct and indirect labour so companies can take action to reduce costs and identify opportunities for increasing overall productivity and profitability.

Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE): The Business Case for Labour Productivity

Manufacturers have made great strides in optimising materials usage by implementing powerful supply chain applications, but the labour side of the equation, which concerns a company’s most vital and controllable resource, has been largely neglected.

Companies have invested in basic HR functionality, but are missing the productivity rewards that can result from optimising labour availability, performance, and quality of work.

Adopting OLE metrics can give a company the fuel it needs to capture significant cost savings and improve its market competitiveness. OLE brings balance to the manufacturing equation of labour and materials; harnessing information about the interactions between them opens new windows of opportunity.