Kronos Incorporated poses a series of questions to Leslie Hand, research director at IDC Retail Insights, on behalf of Kronos Incorporated's customers, to gain insight into the impact of mobile technology on workforce management.

Mobile Technology: Transforming Workforce Management

Mobile technology is transforming the retail marketplace. It is no longer just a solution for engaging your consumers. It's also a way to engage your greatest asset, your brand ambassadors, and the driving force behind customer satisfaction — your workforce. However, from an employee standpoint, retailers need to further embrace mobile technology. Until recently, they have focused on only one side of the equation. From a mobility standpoint, they have been ignoring their workforce. By focusing on both sides of the equation and leveraging mobile solutions to benefit consumers and employees, retailers can greatly improve their ability to provide a positive shopping experience and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Kronos asks the Research Director at IDC Retail Insights:

  • How will the pervasiveness of mobile devices transform the way retailers manage their workforce?
  • What benefits can retailers expect to achieve through the use of mobile solutions?
  • How are consumers evolving and how can workforce management solutions help retailers cater to their needs?
  • Why is an integrated, configurable solution so important when it comes to retailers achieving the value from a workforce management solution?
  • Now that the economy is showing signs of recovery, what's the best way for retailers to secure funding for their workforce management initiatives?