Learn the benefits of overall staff management and how Kronos® for Healthcare makes it easier to manage productivity, seniority, shift preferences, scheduling and morale.

Kronos® for Healthcare Solutions Guide

Four Reasons | You Need Kronos for Healthcare

  • Labour costs you. About 60 percent of your overall expenses, to be specific. Since labour is your most controllable expenditure, you have to minimise your bank utilisation, overtime usage, staff utilisation, and payroll inflation.
  • Compliance is not optional. Employment and healthcare standards, grievances and audits can have a significant financial impact. To lower this risk, you have to find a way to better adhere to complex national and healthcare specific requirements, union contracts and policies, and other professional standards.
  • A productive workforce is crucial. Painful administrative tasks, high vacancies and absenteeism, and poor staffing practices negatively impact your staff’s productivity. You need a way to quickly and efficiently align staff to patient numbers and acuity so your employees can deliver excellent care.
  • Quality care is priority. You need the right staff mix and ratio of patients to employees for quality care. This goal can be hindered by inefficient processes, paperwork, and staff dissatisfaction. It is imperative to recruit and retain the right people, reduce administrative tasks, and increase time spent on what matters: your patients.