Kronos Workforce Mobile Datasheet

Workforce Management. When and Where You Want It.

The Kronos ® Workforce Mobile ™ solution is a mobile connection to your Workforce Central ® system that lets your workforce complete common administrative tasks right on their mobile devices.* Wherever managers are, they can easily see and rapidly respond to potential workforce management issues via Workforce Mobile Manager. And through Workforce Mobile Employee, employees can perform their time management tasks when they need to, where they need to.

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Key Benefits and Features

  • Enables employees to submit requests, approve timecards, submit punches, conduct transfers, track detailed labour activity, and more
  • Allows managers to resolve exceptions as they happen and respond to employee requests
  • Utilises your smartphone’s native platform to deliver a familiar, easy-to-use interface
  • Leverages your phone’s GPS capability to track the location of a punch
  • Utilises the phone’s camera to scan bar codes for fast data entry
  • Leverages the Smart View™ platform to utilise custom workflows and access activity-tracking transactions

With on-the-go access, your workforce can instantly engage, make effective decisions, take action, and move on. It’s mobile workforce management. And it will fundamentally change the way your workforce interacts and connects with your organisation.