The Kronos Global Absence Survey was conducted with full-time and part-time employees in the U.S., Canada, the UK, France, Australia, Mexico, China and India. This exclusive survey report discusses the survey findings, highlights the surprising similarities and differences between regions and what employers can do to better manage the problem.

Kronos Global Absence Survey Report

Eradicating all forms of unscheduled absence is difficult, but creating an environment where absence can be managed more effectively will go a long way towards understanding the extent of the problem. This requires having visibility into every form of absence, and managing policies more closely to ensure compliance and to identify trends and patterns of abuse.

Total absence management is an enterprise-level approach to managing and controlling employee absenteeism. By tracking absence-related data in a single database that is integrated with other enterprise systems, managers can gain a single, real-time view of absence throughout the organisation. A total absence management solution also provides the tools required to take corrective action and make the best possible decisions about responding to an understaffing situation. By implementing such technologies, it is possible to enact the best practices that can improve productivity, help ensure continuity and compliance, and reduce costs.