Kronos for Facilities Management Industry Brief

Greater Profitability, Client Satisfaction, and Business Results

Tough competition, tight margins, absentee workers. Learn how Kronos for Facilities Management optimises productivity and controls labour costs.

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Scheduling the right service workers for the right places and times, while having an accurate accounting of hours worked, is critical to running a profitable operation. Kronos for Facilities Management helps you maximise productivity and delivers insight into your service labour costs.

With Kronos for Facilities Management you are able to:

  • Align your workforce to meet service level agreements and each agreement’s budget
  • See when workers are approaching overtime and make changes to maintain profitability
  • Get real-time visibility into workforce costs for profitable client bidding
  • Monitor time worked, meals, and breaks to help ensure compliance with all regulations

Download this Kronos for Facilities Management industry brief to learn more ways that this solution can help you realise greater profitability, increase client satisfaction, and improve business results.