Whether you’re implementing a Kronos® workforce management solution for the first time or upgrading to a newer version of Kronos software, you face an important decision: whether to deploy your application(s) on-premise or in the Kronos Private Cloud. A thorough cost analysis will enable you to more accurately compare the capital expenditures, annual hardware and software maintenance fees, and internal IT labour resources required for an on-premise deployment against the secure, scalable infrastructure, comprehensive IT services, and high system availability guarantee included in the predictable monthly Kronos Cloud Services hosting fees.

Kronos Cloud Hosting vs. On-Premise Deployment

Is It Time to Consider Kronos Cloud Services?

Your choice of deployment model is based on many factors, including your existing computing infrastructure, your capital and operating budgets, and the availability and expertise of your in-house IT resources.

By comparing the costs of implementing your Kronos solution on premise versus using Kronos Cloud Services for a predictable monthly fee, your organisation will be able to make an informed decision that best suits your budget, resources, and corporate priorities. Upon careful analysis, many organisations find that Kronos Cloud Services can help accelerate their return on investment by:

  • Helping avoid capital expenditures
  • Enhancing system availability and reliability
  • Improving data backup and protection
  • Reducing IT support staff costs
  • Enabling reallocation of IT support staff to focus on strategic corporate initiatives

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