Kronos for Casino Resorts Blueprint

A complete solution for your casino resort business

With turnover rates near 80 percent in the gaming industry, you need to ensure employees are not only happy, but also providing exceptional service to customers.

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Kronos for Casino Resorts allows you to build a workforce that’s engaged and focused on providing exciting experiences that customers won’t soon forget.

Our full suite of casino resort solutions can help you maximise efficiency and performance with better management of employees throughout your business — from table games and retail to housekeeping and events.

Download this informative piece to learn how using Kronos for Casino Resorts will help you retain an engaged, productive, and happy staff — while also minimising compliance risk and controlling labour costs.

“Kronos helps us deliver the finest guest services standards and stay one step ahead of our competition through better hiring and retention, sophisticated business insight, and putting the right person in the right place to do the best job possible.”

Noka Graff, HR Manager
Shooting Star Casino