Keeping Employees Engaged

Strategies for retaining top talent in extraordinary times.

Retaining top talent will help retailers weather the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge stronger on the other side. Learn strategies to motivate and support employees — even through the current crisis — in our Keeping Employees Engaged white paper.

Explore innovative techniques and tools to successfully engage and retain team members who are committed to delivering a great customer experience and helping your business thrive in extraordinary times.

More about this white paper

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the retail and hospitality industries, and the ability to successfully manage recovery will separate the winners from the losers over the next few years. COVID-19-related challenges are expected to persist into 2021 as businesses experiment with reopening and as state and municipalities adapt their plans and protocols in response to localised outbreaks and a possible second wave. What can your organisation do to keep employees feeling motivated, valued, and cared for through the pandemic and beyond so they stick around and continue to do their best work?

Learn strategies you can leverage to:

  • Put people first as you adapt your day-to-day operations
  • Rethink labour standards and models through phased reopening
  • Build new levels of flexibility into scheduling practices

Download this white paper and explore innovative ways to support your workforce for improved engagement and retention.