In 2012, Kronos hosted a select group of healthcare executives in response to Kronos’ awareness of ongoing transformation and reforms across healthcare and the desire to promote greater collaboration between public and private sectors. Facilitated by health, technology and business journalist Mark Jones, Kronos guests canvassed a wide-range of challenges facing healthcare leaders and the opportunities and practical solutions executives can implement to achieve the reforms needed to secure the long-term performance of Australia’s healthcare system.

Healthcare Executive Roundtable Summary Report - Sydney

Healthcare in Australia faces considerable challenges, most notably the visceral tension between public expectations of high-quality healthcare and the reality of soaring costs. One of the dilemmas highlighted by this nation-wide situation is the split between state and federal funding, in addition to a further split in funding allocated to public and private healthcare providers. The roundtable agreed more work is needed to bridge jurisdictional divides, and further reform of Medicare funding. Aged care, the federal government’s responsibility, must also be given greater consideration when it comes to future funding arrangements.  

Discussion also focused on the need for workplace reform, increased levels of technology that supports healthcare organisations and clinicians, and, the greatest challenge facing the health system the task of change itself. The roundtable agreed healthcare stakeholders are typically resistant to change, and the health system’s top-down, administratively heavy structure is not widely geared to promote creative thinking or the pioneering of new care strategies. Another recommendation by the roundtable was to promote a service-based culture within all healthcare organisations. Finally, technology and ehealth practices are an increasing focus for all health leaders. Technology is  a fundamental driver of change and remains a high priority as the vehicle through which reforms will be implemented. Read the full report  for more information.