Across industries, HR leaders face a dramatic shift in employee expectations of the work experience, the impact of technology on the workplace, and the composition of the workforce itself. What can organizations do to master this disruption in recruiting and engaging employees and effectively prepare for the future of work?

L’environnement de travail de l’avenir : 10 règles pour maîtriser la perturbation et favoriser l’engagement des employés

Jeanne Meister, a partner at Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm dedicated to the future of learning and working, and a member of the Kronos® Workforce Institute™ Board of Advisors, will discuss how work is changing and why understanding the future workplace is a core competency for today's HR and business executives. Leveraging research-based findings, Meister will present a roadmap to help you, your team, and your organization navigate the future workplace experience.

This 60-minute webinar, sponsored by Kronos Incorporated, will provide valuable insight into:

  • Changing employee expectations for the future workplace experience
  • The evolving role of HR in driving and enabling an agile workplace
  • Tapping the power of multiple generations to drive business results
  • Understanding technology's vital role as an enabler and a disruptor
  • Becoming a workplace activist to make change happen within your organization
  • Strategies of forward-looking companies to succeed within this paradigm shift