Discover key findings from Galaxy Research who outline the complexities of managing a multi-generational workforce and share advice on how healthcare providers can increase workforce productivity, improve the level of patient care and create a thriving, collaborative workforce culture.

Diagnosing the Health and Aged Care Industry

Healthcare providers face a stark choice. Do they put the systems and processes in place to support a workforce of older people who are retiring later, for tech-savvy millennials and new parents who need increased flexibility, or do they fade into irrelevance?

By using the tools available to balance workloads and bridge gaps between workers, healthcare providers can combine youthful exuberance and digital awareness with maturity, experience and insight. They gain the opportunity to create a new culture which promotes greater employee engagement, while prizing innovation, productivity and better patient care. With this culture in place, healthcare providers can meet the myriad challenges that confront Australia’s healthcare system now and into the future.