Most midsized and smaller organisations still rely on spreadsheets, manual processes and a patchwork of disparate software packages to track employee time, generate payroll, meet regulatory compliance demands and perform other HR-related tasks. These methods are error-prone, inefficient and inflexible. Furthermore, they divert resources away from managing core business activities and can increase the risk of noncompliance with various labour regulations.

Cloud-based Workforce Management Powers Midsized Organisations

Today, cloud-based solutions can deliver sophisticated and easy-to-use applications at reasonable costs and with minimal IT involvement.Learn about Kronos Workforce Ready?, a solution that capitalises on these and other technological advances. This comprehensive, integrated suite is offered as an easy-to-use cloud-based service. Priced to address the needs of organisations with about 2,500 or fewer employees, Workforce Ready has been helping thousands of organisations streamline processes, minimise compliance risks and increase workforce productivity.