Discover the productivity and workplace strategies that South Australian employers are pioneering to keep one step ahead of an historic transition between generations.  South Australian business leaders share their insight into how the public, private and not-for-profit sectors can work together to create a more productive and engaged workforce - across all generations.

Australian Executive Forum: How To Create a Work-Smart Culture

Our panelists found a number of external factors were hampering business productivity growth, and discussed creative ways their organisations were approaching these challenges. Retaining the institutional knowledge of mature workers, enabling people to work into their sixties and seventies, confronting unconscious bias and helping employees remain healthy were just some of the approaches discussed.

To overcome these demographic challenges, our panelists from the oil and gas production, mining, retail and aged care industry gathered to discuss the measures they are taking to increase productivity, staff engagement and retention. Each specified a transformational moment in which they were forced to challenge long-held beliefs in order to create better outcomes for staff and employers. While each of the drivers was similar, the ultimate outcome was a more flexible responsive workforce, capable of responding to a constantly changing environment.