Workforce Ready Scheduler

​Improve Scheduling Efficiency. Maximise Workforce Productivity.

Create schedules that align staffing requirements with budget and demand.

Workforce scheduling can be time-consuming, error-prone, and frustrating. Trying to schedule a diverse workforce using spreadsheets and semi-automated systems can result in overstaffed shifts, shorthanded rushes, and less-than-optimal performance. How can you build, fill, manage, and measure best-fit schedules to meet output and service level goals — without overspending? 

Make more informed, cost-effective scheduling decisions.

Workforce Ready Scheduler

Advanced scheduling tools help you better manage labour spend

Kronos Workforce Ready® Scheduler helps you create more accurate schedules that align staff coverage to anticipated demand to minimise wasteful overstaffing, reliance on contract workers, and overtime pay that can send labour costs soaring. Automated alerts notify you when schedules exceed budget limits so you can take corrective action.

Workforce Ready Scheduler

Build efficient schedules that support compliance

Once you’ve created your schedule, fill open shifts to maximise productivity and minimise compliance risk. The system automatically sorts employees based on predefined criteria — availability, preferences, skills, certifications, union rules, labour laws and more — so you can assign the right person to each position. You’re automatically notified if scheduling actions violate established rules so you can make changes and maintain compliance. 

Workforce Ready Scheduler

Measure schedule effectiveness to drive improvement

Workforce Ready Scheduler reporting capabilities make it simple to review past schedules, measure their effectiveness, and apply lessons learned to make better scheduling decisions. View coverage maps to quickly pinpoint open shifts that still need to be filled. Examine budget versus actual reports to identify areas of overspend. Even compare preliminary and final schedule versions to see how many changes were required to effectively align staffing with budget and demand.

Drive employee engagement with self-service

Give employees more control over their schedules for higher engagement and improved morale. Enable employees to sign up for open shifts, bid on shifts, or swap shifts with other workers — all from their desktop or mobile device. These self-service tools give employees the opportunity to be more autonomous while making the scheduling process more transparent. 

Boost productivity and drive compliance.

With Workforce Ready Scheduler, you can now solve the puzzle of scheduling — matching up availability, skills, and business demand to create an efficient, effective schedule that helps maximise productivity and maintain compliance while minimising spend. 

  • Control labour costs

    Make more informed scheduling decisions that take into account budget constraints

  • Improve workforce productivity

    Align staff coverage to fluctuating business demand

  • Minimise compliance risk

    Automatic enforcement of scheduling policies, labour laws and union rules

  • Simplify schedule creation and management

    Allows managers to focus on more strategic priorities