Workforce Ready Leave Manager

​Control and Mitigate Employee Absenteeism

Increase visibility and productivity while minimising compliance risk.

Employee absence can have an enormous impact on your organisation, affecting costs, productivity and even morale. Inconsistent absence and leave policy enforcement, tracking, and eligibility can put your organisation at risk for litigation and noncompliance with local, state, federal, and organisational workforce policies and regulations.

Workforce Ready add-on module improves leave of absence management.

Gestion et suivi automatisés des congés

Automated leave administration and tracking

Kronos Workforce Ready® Leave Manager automates the administration and tracking of paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies and can be configured to match the needs of your organization to maintain balances, reduce manual process errors, and control absence costs. By removing manual tasks from the traditional leave management process, Leave Manager ensures accurate data and full visibility when tracking and managing employee leave.

Workforce Ready Leave Manager - Feature 2

Accurate, consistent leave management

Accurate and consistent leave of absence management minimises the risk of costly litigation and employee grievances. Automated electronic administration of leave eligibility and requirements ensures cases are managed accurately, consistently, and thoroughly — every time.

Workforce Ready Leave Manager - Feature 3

Tools for minimising unauthorised leave

Now it’s easy to prevent ineligible or unauthorised time off. Every leave case is automatically tracked for time and eligibility, with built-in notifications that allow managers to control the potentially high cost of absence. Email notifications can also be configured to manage entitlement balances such as low balance, zero balance, and negative balance.

Workforce Ready Leave Manager - Feature 4

Stronger leave policy enforcement

Make sure your leave policies are enforced consistently and accurately across your entire organisation. Automated leave management and administration can have a dramatic, positive impact on employee morale. Employee visibility and self-service capabilities are bolstered through request initiations, leave eligibility, and balance tracking — all available anytime, anywhere with the Workforce Ready mobile app.

Minimise the impact of employee leave on your organisation.

Workforce Ready Leave Manager is part of the fully integrated, cloud-based Workforce Ready suite. It adds comprehensive leave of absence management capabilities to the Workforce Ready Time Keeping and Workforce Ready HR modules.

  • Accurate

    Helps ensure leave cases are managed accurately and consistently to minimise litigation and grievances

  • Flexible

    Configurable leave profiles include available categories, entitlement time, rules, and workflows for request/approval process

  • Simple

    Employee self-service leave request simplifies and automates leave case creation

  • Integrated

    Time entries and pay rules for leave cases are integrated with employee timesheets and schedules