Workforce Ready Attestation

Drive safety, engagement and compliance with flexible attestation tools.

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Simplify and streamline regulatory adherence and health checks for minimised compliance risk and disruption.

As labour laws become increasingly complex, and monitoring the health and safety of your workforce becomes essential to avoiding disruption, accurate time and labour management is more critical than ever before - because failure to comply can have serious consequences. You need to simplify and streamline adherence with government policies and health checks to minimise compliance risk and disruption to your organisation.

Attestation tools that integrate seamlessly with Workforce Ready Time Keeping.

Capture employee attestation of health status and mandated breaks

With Workforce Ready Attestation, employees can receive a prompt asking them to attest to whether they have taken mandated meal or rest breaks, or even if they are experiencing symptoms of illness. It’s simple to customise the prompts to reflect applicable laws and policies, or to send automated notifications that alert employees of missed attestations.

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Simplify employee attestation of hours worked

Allowing employees to attest their timesheet data directly from the Kronos InTouch® time clock or through the web application simplifies processes and facilitates engagement. Workforce Ready Attestation lets you customise prompts with the appropriate question and response choices so you can capture information to meet your organisation’s requirements while streamlining compliance processes. You can even enable employees to enter comments or additional details as needed.

Manage compliance with robust reporting

Manage compliance with robust reporting

Workforce Ready Attestation offers powerful reporting to help managers monitor employee attestation, identify trends, and demonstrate compliance. Easy access to comprehensive attestation data empowers managers to process employee timesheets more effectively and stay up to date with employee status. And the Full Audit Report provides a detailed record of all employee prompts and captured responses, which clearly demonstrates compliance efforts in the event of an audit.

Simplify compliance. Engage employees. Improve data accuracy.

Workforce Ready Attestation integrates seamlessly with Workforce Ready Time Keeping (required) and your existing data collection source — Kronos InTouch terminal or web entry — to deliver configurable workflows that capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time. Managers can monitor employee attestation status, run reports to identify trends, and simplify compliance.

  • Minimise disruption from illness

    Ensuring afflicted employees are alerted to not begin their shift if they are experiencing symptoms of infection

  • Reduce risk

    Adhere more accurately to state and local labour laws, collective bargaining agreements, and organisation-specific policies

  • Simplify compliance

    Benefit from automated notifications and reminders

  • Improve enforcement

    Better manage wage and hour policies with customisable prompts that capture pertinent attestation data

  • Engage your workforce

    Empower employees with self-service features for attesting to breaks taken and review/approval of timesheet data

  • Empower managers

    Give managers the tools they need to better monitor and manage employee attestation status