Workforce Dimensions Scheduling

Schedule employees to demand and focus on accommodating their preferences.

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Schedule creation that ensures the job always gets done.

Slow and inaccurate scheduling processes can make it difficult to schedule a diverse workforce — and can result in decreased productivity, wasted labour expense, and risk of noncompliance. Workforce Dimensions™ Scheduling is the automated solution you’ve been waiting for to create best-fit schedules.

A solution that streamlines scheduling and decreases errors.

Generate optimal schedules automatically

Generate optimal schedules automatically

Now there’s no need to guess at schedule accuracy. Sophisticated optimization algorithms build compliant best-fit schedules based on business volume and employee preferences. Overstaffing, understaffing, and the expense of scheduling that doesn’t meet your business needs are all a thing of the past.

Empower your employees with self-service and mobile scheduling

Empower your employees with self-service and mobile scheduling

Keep employee morale high and create a more engaged workforce with a single point of access for all shift, holiday, and time-off information. Employees can view schedules for the week, month, or year — and can easily access detailed daily shift information and make time off and other scheduling requests right from the calendar. Additional capabilities include the ability to select shift preferences and view schedules on a mobile phone.

Comply with complicated scheduling rules and manage without worry

Comply with complicated scheduling rules and manage without worry

The automated scheduling capabilities of Workforce Dimensions help managers plan and execute employee schedules that comply with country-specific legislation, collective agreements, and employee contracts. Quick actions facilitate easy and efficient schedule edits if needed. And valuable supporting metrics such as coverage or target hours is available right in the schedule view.

Smart schedules start with automation that aligns labor to demand.

Creating schedules that include too many employees when demand is low can be costly. Also costly? Filling absences with expensive replacement labor. All of it can negatively affect your bottom line. Workforce Dimensions Scheduling helps you tackle these challenges head on. 

  • Lower compliance risk

    Automated solution applies scheduling processes that keep you in compliance with labor rules and regulations

  • Increased productivity

    Employee engagement and productivity increase through more balanced workloads

  • Mobile access

    Engage employees and scheduling managers with full access to scheduling features on their mobile devices

  • Fuller visibility

    The home page Manage Schedule tile provides a quick status update of staff