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Get the advanced AI capabilities of Kronos technology.

Catapult your workforce into the future — forever.

We've built the most advanced artificial intelligence engine for workforce management and human capital management — to make the daily tasks of managers and employees a snap. AIMEE analyses data in real time to provide in-the-moment insights to make decisions that impact your business and your people.

Because that's where you'll make the greatest gains — freeing up your managers and employees to do more with their day. Every day. From personalization of employee schedules to forecasting critical staffing needs and costly overtime issues.

AlMEE is on the job even when you aren't. Always working behind the scenes to solve problems and provide advice on critical decision-making. So your business can run with the intelligence and efficiency all employees expect of today's technology. With AlMEE, managers and employees spend less time looking for the story and more time focusing on delivering great outcomes for their customers.

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AIMEE provides perspective

Available in Kronos Workforce Ready® and Workforce Dimensions™, Employee Perspectives uses AIMEE's advanced algorithms to predict flight risk, succession likelihood, potential, and fatigue. Armed with this data, managers can have better conversations with employees that help them improve engagement, retention, and performance. AIMEE helps you identify top performers, so HR and business managers can partner to develop recruiting, retention, and development plans based on competency profiles — creating a win-win-win for employees, managers, and HR.

aimee media retention analytics

AIMEE provides insights

Workforce Advisor — a personal digital consultant available in Workforce Dimensions — unburdens managers from repetitive, everyday administrative processes. With real-time insight into the impact absences, open shifts, and schedule changes have on key performance indicators, managers can make better decisions for the business and their people. And with in-depth insight into historical schedule preferences for employees, AIMEE automatically creates and proposes best-fit schedules and shift swaps — down to the job, shift, and hours — improving the overall employee experience.

aimee media retention analytics

AIMEE powers forecasting

Staffing and overtime issues can bring a business to its knees in a matter of minutes. When customers and guests aren't being served, the needs of patients aren't being met, or when production goals aren't being fulfilled, there's a real problem. With AIMEE on the job, staffing issues are discovered in real-time, so you can respond quickly to course correct. It even notifies the hiring system when you have an open position — and even makes recent candidate recommendations based on skills and experience. With AIMEE's business volume forecasts, Kronos customers can improve scheduling accuracy by as much as 20 percent.

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