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Meet reporting requirements with confidence.

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Meet your various reporting requirements with confidence.  

Staying compliant and meeting CMS reporting requirements require a proactive plan and an integrated workforce management solution — allowing you to fulfill your core mission to deliver quality resident care.

  • VP of Human Resources

    Sarah ,

    VP of Human Resources
  • Director of Nursing

    Jen ,

    Director of Nursing
End of quarter-Day before
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Run Payroll-Based Journal Reporting (PBJ) LINK

Sarah, VP of HR, runs PBJ LINK in Kronos® Workforce Timekeeper™ to ensure timely upload to CMS PBJ reporting requirement at the end of each quarter.

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Run Payroll-Based Journal Reporting (PBJ) LINK
End of quarter-Day of
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Review Reconciliation Report

Sarah and Jen, director of nursing, review reconciliation report to verify hours and census prior to CMS upload. Kronos produces XML output for easy electronic filing.

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Review Reconciliation Report