Managing employees, scheduling, labour costs and compliance can be a major puzzle. For organisations in the health and community sector, piecing together this puzzle can be fraught with questions. Kronos for Healthcare is dedicated to unjumbling these questions and providing real-time visibility into the workforce.
The 3 part series below provides “3 Ways to Demystify Managing Your Employees”. Take a look at how partnering with Kronos can help your organisation gain visibility into your employees, costs and compliance.

Kronos for
Health & Community Care.

“In order to improve infection control at SummitCare we reached out to Kronos about making our InTouch clock in/out devices portable. The Kronos team were extremely helpful and quick to provide a hardware enhancement that we could install to move our kiosks to the front of house. This swift change means we can leverage our Kronos solution to ensure the health and safety of our employees and residents.”

– Glenn Scott, Chief Financial Officer, SummitCare