As the largest provider of labour hire in Australia, Skilled Group employs over 50,000 workers a year. Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) act mandates that employees need relevant training and the capabilities to correctly and safely perform their jobs. The act also stipulates the maximum number of hours employees can work. Skilled faced challenges relating to the tracking of time management, cost and the safety of contractors, in order to meet the OHS regulations.

Skilled needed a solution that could:

  • Effectively, efficient and accurately track hours worked
  • Record all training undertaken
  • Ensure compliance with the OHS requirements
“The Kronos terminal finger-scanning verification enables the system to verify employees’ identities, which has reduced costs and ensured OHS compliance”

Christian Damstra
General Manager


Kronos helped Skilled Group better manage their complex workforce with real-time data and tools to improve scheduling and compliance.


With its workforce management solution from Kronos, Skilled Group now has the information needed to ensure that every person carrying out work on-site is trained in the relevant tasks.  Not only has this resulted in an up-front financial gain, but in the long-term, there are fewer injuries, better working practises and improved compliance at federal level. For instance, the biometric capabilities have eliminated buddy punching (one employee entering time and attendance data for another). In addition, the new system helps Skilled to sell its services because it enables clients’ contractor management requirements to be easily met.