Sims Metal Management operates leading metal recycling companies in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea that turn unwanted consumer items and industrial scrap into raw materials for manufacturing operations around the world. The organisation is also involved in aluminium smelting, asset recovery, power generation and electronic and battery recycling. With a network of equipment, facilities, transport and communications, Sims Metal was struggling to cope with its cumbersome process for employees to request leave.

Sims Metal Management needed a solution that could:

  • Eliminate the paper-based system for requesting leave
  • Reduce the need for double entry of leave requests
  • Facilitate user acceptance
“We were able to streamline leave requests into a simple process and eliminate our original paper-based system.”

Iman El-Ajouz
Remuneration and Benefits Manager


With its new workforce management solution and InTouch devices from Kronos, Sims Metal Management has simplified the process for all employees to request leave.

Workforce Central suite

  • Enables employees to view their leave balances and request standard leave electronically
  • Removed the need for a paper-based leave request system

Eliminated double entry of leave transactions by both the manager and Payroll


With powerful scheduling, payroll, and compliance tools from Kronos, Sims Metal Management was able to gain greater insight into their complex workforce and business operations to schedule the right person with the rights skills at the right time. With 24/7 anytime, anywhere access to employee data, the organisation was able to better serve employees — in turn, providing better service to guests. Real-time information and automated payroll tools made it possible to reduce errors and deliver the perfect paycheck. Compliance risk was greatly reduced with automated alerts to better manage union rules and requirements, license renewals, and tip policies. 


improves operations and drives customer satisfaction

62,000+ Payroll Checks

delivered accurately and timely