PFD Food Services (PFD) is Australia’s largest privately-owned food services distribution organisation. Through its 65 branches, it services customers in the food industry, catering to food service businesses all over Australia. Recognising that its people are its most important asset, PFD strives to equip its taskforce with capabilities to better serve its customers. This influenced PFD’s five-year strategy to streamline the business and deliver unprecedented operational efficiencies for its workforce with new technology.

PFD needed a solution that could:

  • Simplify, centralise and automate time and attendance to deliver control
  • Provide visibility of timekeeping data
  • Collect payroll information from 65 sites and send to head office
  • Ensure accuracy of pay for numerous complex pay rules
  • Provide immediate labour reporting
“It is important for us to set ourselves apart as innovators and give our staff a tech-enabled environment that will allow them to focus on delivering better customer service. As the host of the solution, Kronos exhibited great partnership by working closely with us every step of the way.”

Richard Cohen


The automated Kronos time and attendance solution, hosted by Kronos Cloud Services, provides centralised timekeeping to increase productivity, better control labour costs and reduce compliance concerns.

Workforce Central suite

  • Easy to implement, set-up, manage and use
  • Eliminated timesheets and streamlined data-entry and payroll approvals

Scales to accommodate new employees through acquisitions, without needing additional headcount


By streamlining time and attendance with Kronos, PFD has reduced the administrative burden of manually processing data for payroll, ensuring that employees’ pay is accurate and on time. This has delivered confidence in the integrity of payroll information, reducing payroll enquires by 68%, and reducing ‘outside-of-cycle’ pays by 84%. In addition, real-time accurate labour reporting enables management to identify labour trends and make accurate forecasts. Furthermore, by deploying Kronos Cloud Services, rather than managing the application itself, PFD’s overhead costs -for hardware and on-site resources- have generated estimated savings of 50%.

reduced payroll enquiries by 68%
and reduced outside-of-cycle pays by 84%

by deploying in the cloud