Owned by US-company Vail Resorts, Perisher Ski Resort is the largest snow resort operation in the southern hemisphere. It combines the resources and facilities of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Mount Blue Cow, Guthega, The Station and the Skitube alpine railway. Operating in a seasonal and highly competitive industry, Perisher wanted to reduce the manual administrative burden of tracking employee hours, in order to focus on delivering the best customer experience.

Perisher needed a solution that could:

  • Collect and track employee time and attendance data
  • Ensure payroll accuracy
  • Forecast labour costs
  • Deliver accurate results in a short period of time
“The Kronos system not only delivered an improved result in the accuracy and efficiency of the payroll, but it provided a greatly improved tool for managers to be able to forecast roster costs and track their progress to this.”

Gavin Girling
Human Resources Manager


Following a swift implementation, Perisher uses its Kronos workforce management solution to improve labour scheduling and better manage its time and attendance data.

Workforce Central suite

  • Collects, tracks and manages employees’ time and attendance data
  • Accounts for seasonal staff variations and differing pay rules
  • Improves payroll efficiency by reducing the associated administrative burden
  • Automates payroll processes to ensure accuracy
  • Enables managers to forecast labour roster costs and track actual performance against forecast


Perisher’s time and attendance solution not only ensures accuracy of payroll, it also helps increase workforce productivity. By reducing the manual administrative tasks associate with payroll processes, compliance risks are mitigated and employees’ time is freed up, allowing them to focus on delivering customers an amazing experience. In a seasonal and highly competitive industry, engaged employees who deliver an exceptional service is paramount to encouraging customers to keep returning to Perisher. Full ROI was delivered in less than three months.


drives workforce productivity and boosts customer satisfaction


in less than 3 months