Life Time Fitness® needed a demand-based scheduling solution to identify labor drivers that could predict how much labor was needed to create a high quality member experience. Staff created an Excel-based solution, but it was time consuming, not scalable, and lacked compliance tools. Manually scheduling team members through the in-house solution was a time-intensive process that took each department manager two weeks to complete, and those efforts achieved only a 30 percent accuracy rate.

What Life Time Fitness needed was a solution that could:

  • Accurately forecast scheduling needs based on member activity
  • Create operational efficiencies to reduce overtime and payroll expenditures
  • Track and compare team members’ schedules with time and attendance data for improved compliance
  • Help the company better understand their business as they prepare to open additional facilities
“We came up with better ways to look at and define our business and measure it by deploying the [Kronos] solution.”

John Schuele
Manager of Operations, Planning, and Analysis Life Time Fitness


An optimized scheduling solution — integrated with automated time and attendance — that aligns labor needs with member traffic to provide an outstanding member experience.

Workforce Scheduler

  • Schedule thousands of employees across multiple business functions and locations
  • Align the right employees with right skills at right time in the right location

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance to reduce payroll inflation and manual errors
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements such as FLSA, ACA, and union rules

Workforce Forecast Manager

  • Improve productivity by aligning labor volume to anticipated demand
  • Control labor costs by accurately predicting demand down to 15-minute intervals
  • Determine and apply an up-to-date trend to reflect unexpected outside influences such as weather, local events, and competitive activity


Using the integrated scheduling solution, Life Time Fitness has been able to place the right team members in the right places at the right times to improve member experience, while reducing labor costs and experiencing increased revenue growth. Optimized scheduling helped the company increase membership retention and grow revenue 11.5 percent during challenging economic times. Scheduling time was significantly reduced and labor forecasting accuracy has increased to at least 88 percent. Additionally, more tightly aligning labor driver needs to labor hours has created operational efficiencies that have reduced overtime and payroll expenditures, while improving member experience.


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