When ICLA embarked on its journey to fully digitise the people side of the organisation, it had several goals defined which all support its efforts to continuously improve the quality of care to those it supports. These goals focused on streamlining the people processes of leadership, administration, and frontline employees in order to minimise compliance risk, reduce administrative time, optimise labour spend, and perfect its skills mix.

Prior to rolling out UKG Ready, processes for managing scheduling, time capture, and leave were heavily manual and labour-intensive. Employees clocked in on physical paper time sheets and manually received their weekly schedules. For managers, this resulted in an extensive amount of time spent consolidating punches, entering data, constructing rosters, and interpreting awards. Time off processes were decentralised and informal in the form of verbal agreements, paper diaries, or emails lost deep in the inbox of a supervisor.


UKG Ready has transformed the experience of ICLA’s employees. Manual processes have been automated and streamlined. Use of the mobile application gives them the autonomy to work their way and provides a professional experience equitable to those they choose personally. Employees clock in and out via UKG Ready, receive their schedules straight to their mobile devices, and view and apply for leave with the push of a button.

Digitising HR processes has allowed ICLA’s leaders to make informed business decisions supported by data and analytics. Equipped with workforce reporting that is accurate and accessible, managers have been able to optimise the spread of staff across shifts to ensure they can deliver the highest quality of care and support. With hundreds of pre-built reports, as well as custom reports, insight into shifts worked, overtime, absenteeism, and much more are easily accessible to the ICLA team. The automation and visibility have also allowed for innovative efficiencies beyond what it set out to achieve. For example, ICLA wanted to be able to get a reliable report on headcount, yet can now log NDIS codes against shifts and pull intuitive custom reports to simplify submission claims.

“The UKG Team were fantastic to work with, and their knowledge of the industry really supported us to make this project a success. Our implementation team was patient and helpful as we worked through the nuances to configure the solution to our specific needs.”

Anne-Marie Labunda
Business Manager at ICLA

“We could not have executed our HR strategy without the introduction of UKG Ready. The solution has made a huge impact on how our employees are recruited, onboarded, measured, managed, and paid. The employees and managers love having the solution as their one-stop-shop.”

Jessica Hill
People and Culture Manager at ICLA


ICLA achieved its goal of 100% submission of timesheets in only three pay runs. With all employee processes consolidated into one digital system results have exceeded expectations, including:

  • Consolidating all HR data into 1 employee record
  • Saving 1500 hours in administrative time
  • Reducing payroll processing time from 3 days to half a day
  • Saving approximately 2-3% in labour costs.

The team at ICLA is dedicated to a culture of growth and investing in its people. Implementing UKG supports this and has allowed leadership, managers, and employees to focus on what matters most – being present to deliver innovative programs that accelerate a culture of caring.

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