Bupa Care Services is Australia’s leading aged care organisation, operating 60 care homes and employing nurses, housekeepers, maintenance workers and senior managers to look after its 4685 residents. With isolated databases, payroll and rostering solutions at each of the homes, management lacked visibility across the business of site performance and challenges. With continual growth and more sites planned, Bupa needed to re-evaluate its workforce management solution.

Bupa needed a solution that could:

  • Simplify the labour-intensive timesheets, data entry and approval processes
  • Reduce the administrative burden associated with attendance exceptions and employee enquiries
  • Centralise timekeeping and rostering to allow visibility across the entire business
  • Reduce the time taken to produce reports
  • Minimise risk of compliance violations
“Our Kronos scheduling system takes the pressure off management and allows them to ensure optimum staff-to-resident levels, while providing roster flexibility to best-match employees to the available shifts, especially in the cases of absenteeism.”

Helen Sims
Payroll Manager


The automated time and attendance solution from Kronos allowed Bupa to realise multiple benefits including compliance and cost savings, resulting in improved focus on patient care.

Workforce Scheduler

  • Enables labour scheduling based on centrally-set staff ratios, and employee preferences and availability at each site
  • Ensures optimum staff-to-resident levels whilst providing roster flexibility
  • Ensures that its trusted in-house carers are rostered as a priority
  • Minimises the risk of compliance violations

Workforce Central

  • Accurately tracks employees’ working hours
  • Removed the burden on management of tedious paper-based timesheet approvals
  • Enables consistent and accurate enforcement of complex EBA pay rules
  • Instilled confidence that employees are being correctly compensated for overtime, according to their award level


Bupa’s use of optimised scheduling has reduced the need for agency staff, lowering the cost from 6% of the wages cost to less than 1%, meaning that residents are cared for by highly qualified professionals that they know. Workforce productivity has improved through the elimination of timesheets for all employees, saving 833 hours per fortnight. Bupa is now compliant with seven different EBA pay rules as a result of consistency and fewer errors, and payroll-related enquiries have decreased by 20%. This means that less time is spent on daily administrative tasks, allowing more focus on delivering personalised care.

through optimised scheduling

allowing more focus on delivering personalised care