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Aussies Are Being Ripped Off More Than Ever Before, Study Shows

MORE than a million Aussie workers are being ripped off by their employers, according to a shocking new report into wage theft.
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Wage Theft: Report Exposes How Australians Are Being Exploited in the Workplace

A new report shows that a number of Australians are being exploited in the workplace. The findings come amid slow wage growth in the country.
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How HR Tech Can Improve Employee Engagement

There is a lot happening in the global marketplace that is impacting HR, particularly with companies such as Amazon coming into Australia, according to Peter Harte, Managing Director of Kronos ANZ/SEA.
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Kronos Unveils Workforce Dimensions – A Revolutionary Solution that Reshapes the Future of Workforce Management

Kronos Incorporated today unveiled its next-generation workforce management solution, Workforce Dimensions. Combining more than 40 years of global domain expertise with the latest in cloud computing technology, Kronos is redefining the future of workforce management: every facet of the solution, from a breakthrough user interface (UI) to its embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, has been reimagined to help organisations drive better business outcomes.

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