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Aussies Are Being Ripped Off More Than Ever Before, Study Shows

MORE than a million Aussie workers are being ripped off by their employers, according to a shocking new report into wage theft.
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Wage Theft: Report Exposes How Australians Are Being Exploited in the Workplace

A new report shows that a number of Australians are being exploited in the workplace. The findings come amid slow wage growth in the country.
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How HR Tech Can Improve Employee Engagement

There is a lot happening in the global marketplace that is impacting HR, particularly with companies such as Amazon coming into Australia, according to Peter Harte, Managing Director of Kronos ANZ/SEA.
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Kronos Unveils Workforce Dimensions – A Revolutionary Solution that Reshapes the Future of Workforce Management

Kronos Incorporated today unveiled its next-generation workforce management solution, Workforce Dimensions. Combining more than 40 years of global domain expertise with the latest in cloud computing technology, Kronos is redefining the future of workforce management: every facet of the solution, from a breakthrough user interface (UI) to its embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, has been reimagined to help organisations drive better business outcomes.

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Strong Culture of Caring and Extraordinary Employee Engagement Earns Kronos More Workplace Honors Globally

Building on recent international Great Place to Work® praises, Kronos Incorporated has earned a top 20 Best Place to Work ranking from Great Place to Work Australia, marking the company’s second successive year it has been named one of the best 20 places to work in the entire country.

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Myer Claims Big Early Results from Back Office IT Overhaul

Retail giant Myer is claiming significant results from the first phase of its rollout of a Kronos cloud-based workforce management system, with a 90 percent reduction in admin hours.
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How Can HR Foster Innovative Thinking?

To instill innovative thinking you need to develop an innovative culture, according to Belinda Newman, Senior HR manager, Kronos, ANZ/SEA.

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The Future of Machine Learning and Human Resources

While machine learning is very good at detecting subtle patterns over time, with a limited number of variables - it is also a versatile tool.

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Taking a Long Break: How Kronos Boss Aron Ain Motivates Staff

Offering your employees unlimited holidays might sound like a recipe for disaster but for Kronos boss Aron Ain, who is fresh off an award for CEO of the year, trust in your employees is the key to a flourishing workplace.

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