Nicole Bello

“Everyone wants to work with a company that invests in its people, and every day I try to truly walk the walk with my own teams and customers. It would be impossible for me to talk about the power of employee engagement with organisations if it wasn’t one of my deepest passions as a leader.”

Nicole Bello
Vice president of sales for small and medium-sized businesses and channels, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

As vice president of small and medium-sized business and channel sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Nicole Bello leads regional teams with the philosophy that people are an organisation’s greatest differentiator and relays the value of the employee experience in fostering growth to prospects, customers and partners in both established and emerging markets. She spends the majority of her time supporting business leaders in their organisations’ workforce management evolution and guiding them into the future of work. Bello also leads marketing efforts in EMEA, supporting cross-industry marketing teams in their efforts to grow regional awareness of the Kronos brand.

As a woman in leadership, Bello is passionate about talent development, within her own team as well as current and prospective customers she works with. Bello enables her EMEA salesforces with the belief that the investment in employees is what sets Kronos apart from other solutions in the market: when employees are engaged and have opportunities for professional development, they are better equipped to invest in their work and meet the needs of their customers.

Before joining Kronos in 2018, Bello built a strong track record in sales and business development, serving in several leadership positions at ADP and holding senior roles in Continental Europe, North America and the United Kingdom.

Bello earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida University as well as a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on leadership from Drexel University.

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