Workforce Dimensions ― The Future is Now: Bimbo Bakeries Case Study

This case study highlights the benefits Bimbo Bakeries anticipates with Workforce Dimensions.

The future of work is about engaged employees. Learn how Workforce Dimensions is helping Bimbo Bakeries deliver an exceptional employee experience.

In this case study, discover the benefits that Bimbo Bakeries expects to realise as its 15,000 employees who use a Kronos workforce management solution move to Workforce Dimensions.

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Using a technology solution designed to enhance employee engagement, Bimbo Bakeries expects to:

  • See increased convenience in workforce management through use of mobile technology
  • Improve decision making with access to real-time workforce management analytics data
  • Streamline workforce management processes across the organisation

Download this informative piece to learn more about how Workforce Dimensions will help Bimbo Bakeries be ready for the future of work.

"Workforce Dimensions is helping Bimbo Bakeries prepare for the future by delivering an exceptional employee experience through its mobile-first platform, allowing employees to complete important tasks from any device, which is critical to attracting and retaining top talent."
Courtney Dobbins