UKG Ready HR

Build transparent, compliant business processes.

UKG Ready™ HR, helps you drive efficiencies by automating core HR functions, providing a best-in-class employee experience through modern self-service, and delivering real-time access to accurate employee information in a single database to minimise compliance risk.

Discover the ways that UKG Ready HR helps you to streamline routine tasks, reduce paperwork, and engage employees all from a single solution.

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HR gives your organisation the ability to:

  • Easily model current business processes and policies with a flexible, easy to use workflow engine
  • Enable employees and managers to complete forms, update their information, and more through modern self-service tools accessible on any device
  • Create comprehensive reports and track key analytics that provide valuable insight to help make more informed decisions

Read our HR product profile to understand all the ways UKG Ready helps you drive efficiencies, engage employees, and mitigate compliance risk.