UKG for Healthcare Scheduling

Empower your workforce with flexible scheduling solutions.

Explore automated solutions that fuel an engaged, efficient workforce across the continuum of care with the UKG for Healthcare Scheduling Solution Guide.

Find out how scheduling is key to building an engaged, empowered workforce – and how UKG™ solutions can help simplify complex scheduling processes.

More about this white paper

Wherever your organisation falls along the continuum of care, UKG has a solution that can help you make the most of your people. Keeping employees engaged and patients satisfied starts with:

  • Empowering and engaging your workforce with self-service functionality that’s available from anywhere, on any device
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to automate routine, time-consuming decisions such as time off and shift swap requests
  • Automating labour regulations and other policies to ensure they are consistently enforced across your organisation

Download this Scheduling Solution Guide to learn how UKG for Healthcare can help drive positive outcomes, improve employee engagement, and increase compliance.