Workforce Dimensions Performance Management

Assess employee achievement with a data-driven review process

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Develop top talent with effective performance management

Driving employee engagement and developing top talent relies on your ability to evaluate, mentor and reward employees for their achievements. The Workforce Dimensions™ Performance Management solution helps streamline performance review processes, eliminating outdated paper-based approaches and providing data-driven insight into both salaried and hourly employee performance.

Get the tools you need to inspire employee excellence

Continuous feedback motivates exceptional employee performance

Continuous feedback motivates exceptional employee performance

Align your entire organisation for success by outlining corporate-level goals that are clearly communicated to groups and individual employees. Eliminate ambiguity in your performance review process with tools that provide managers with immediate visibility into goal status and individual employee reviews throughout the year. With instant insight into goals, managers are empowered to provide proactive, ongoing performance reviews that build better employee engagement.

Ensure a consistent performance review process

Ensure a consistent performance review process

Automating the performance review cycle is an effective – and easy – way to manage employee reviews that vary by date and frequency. When reviews are auto-initiated based on your established processes, managers can stay on top of review cycles thanks to alerts and reminders that keep feedback, forms and approvals on track. And with real-time monitoring, managers and HR professionals have the visibility they need to assess the status of employee reviews.

Build performance review profiles for every employee or job

Build performance review profiles for every employee or job

Not all review needs and schedules are created equal – which is why Workforce Dimensions lets you create unlimited organisation-, department- and job-specific review profiles that leverage weighted or numerical scales, depending on your preference. Additionally, you can define competencies per individual and job, clarifying what skills and attributes are being measured and helping managers have more productive conversations about performance and development.

Take a proactive approach to employee development

Take a proactive approach to employee development

Keeping track of employee trainings, certifications and development milestones is easy with customisable reports. An optional module, Workforce Dimensions HR, empowers you to track training completion by employee across courses. Choose the level of information that’s right for you: Employee participation and results, class schedules and unfilled seats.

Keep top talent on your team

In a competitive talent market, Kronos helps you nurture employee engagement – and longevity – with simplified performance management processes that foster employee development, increase engagement and drive business success.

  • Define and align goals

    Identify cascading goals and monitor performance at the corporate, group and individual level

  • Nurture an engaged workforce

    Increase employee retention by empowering managers to monitor goals and provide continuous feedback

  • Go paperless

    Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone paper-based HR processes

  • Train top talent

    Customisable reports proactively monitor certifications and skills, and notify managers about who needs training and when

  • Align pay with performance

    Define rules for performance-based pay and clearly outline performance rating and pay grade segments