​​The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Physician Coverage Scheduling Solution

Create fair schedules that support physician success.

Scheduling physicians, hospitalist, residents, advanced practice nurses and other on-call clinician providers is complex, as physicians are increasingly working in numerous care settings. Their availability and specialty must be synched up with other resources and locations, challenging administrators to ensure appropriate staff coverage that meets physician needs and contractual obligations.

Automated technology that’s customizable to meet complex scheduling needs.

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Efficient and flexible technology that meets your group’s unique needs

Whether creating the yearly rotation schedule, the monthly call schedule or the daily OR schedule, EZCall® gives you the tools to ensure that the scheduling process is fast, efficient, and fair – and accessible anywhere, online or on your mobile device. The most flexible and configurable system on the market, EZCall uses proven technology to ensure your data is safe, secure, and always available.

EZ Call

Streamline complex scheduling challenges with rules-based automation

Our powerful software provides administrators with robust automatic schedule creation capabilities across diverse specialties – anesthesiology, cardiology, radiology, pain management, critical care intensivists, orthopedics, and more. On-call and daily assignments are easily configured to support your group's needs. Reporting and schedule creation tools ensure that the scheduling process is fast, efficient and fair. Users of the system benefit from better quality schedules that are online and always up to date.

EZ Call

Advanced reporting provides total visibility and a culture of transparency

Deep-dive reporting means full transparency: Find clinicians in an instant, minimising gaps and overlapping schedules. Plus, EZCall tracks all your data in an easy-to-read format, recording calls, credits, hours, and trades to ensure payroll accuracy. Compare the originally published schedule with the current schedule, and track any changes, including requests, user switches and schedule updates.

Track and manage staff schedules with easy, efficient technology.

As more physicians move away from independent practice, scheduling has become more complicated. EZCall, a complete, enterprise-wide workforce management solution, automates the process of scheduling for physicians, hospitalists, academic practices, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants, offering an intuitive interface with flexible rules-based configurable scheduling capabilities.

  • Trusted schedules

    Ensure accurate, fair, and transparent provider coverage


  • Automation

    Easily create, manage, and track schedules with robust automatic schedule creation capabilities

  • Insight

    Advanced reports provide transparency and insight into practice patterns and staff utilisation

  • Configurable

    Support various specialties group needs with flexible and configurable tools

  • Mobile

    Manage in the moment with mobile apps for iOS and Android