As the nation’s leading nonprofit committed to community development, the YMCA of Greater Boston has more than 2,000 employees across 70 locations. Managers at 70 locations spent significant time gathering and faxing employees’ timesheet information to the payroll department. The process not only required issuing numerous corrected manual paychecks each pay period, but also required tedious scanning, faxing, and emailing of paper forms whenever an employee address had changed.

What the YMCA of Greater Boston needed was a solution that could:

  • Automate time and attendance to let managers focus supporting the Y’s mission
  • Save time and ensure accurate data through the use of employee self-service tools
  • Maintain compliance with complex requirements and IRS reporting of the Affordable Care Act
  • Enable managers to analyze workforce data by branch and department through detailed and configurable reporting
“Kronos Workforce Ready is exceptionally user-friendly. With its fully integrated time and attendance, payroll, and HRIS functions, it’s the best system to meet our really broad needs.”

Paul Mantell
VP, Human Resources and Leadership Development


The automated cloud-based Kronos Workforce Ready® solution streamlines processes and provides data visibility to increase productivity, help control labor costs, and mitigate compliance issues.

Workforce Ready Time Keeping

  • Streamline time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information
  • Enforce your pay and work rules by knowing who is doing what, when, and why

Workforce Ready HR

  • Allow employees to review their own performance in an automated, multi-tier process
  • Track demographics and benefits packages as employees transfer from one site or department to another
  • View historical compensation data, planning tools, and total compensation analysis

Workforce Ready Payroll

  • Simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting
  • Continuously processes payroll and has it updated in real time, ready at the click of a button
  • Self-service helps employees manage payment preferences and view pay statements


With its fully integrated time and attendance, payroll, and HRIS functions, Kronos® delivered the best solution to fit the YMCA of Greater Boston’s broad needs. Employees can trust their time and pay is accurate since job codes and pay rates are embedded in the Kronos solution. Y managers are gaining a greater understanding of the workforce by location and department by using the built-in and configurable reports. Employees can now check personal information from anywhere through employee self-service. Managers now have more time to spend leading, coaching, and building up their team because of a systemized payroll process.


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