Wilmar Sugar (with the CSR and Chelsea brands) is Australia’s leading sugar and renewable energy company, as well being one of the top 10 raw sugar producers in the world. With bioethanol and sugar refineries in both Australia and New Zealand, Wilmar manages a large and often seasonal workforce that is paid on a weekly basis. The complexity of enterprise agreement pay rules drove the need for a time and attendance solution.

Wilmar Sugar needed a solution that could:

  • Ensure that weekly wages were paid on time
  • Cope with complex  pay rules to calculate accurate pay
  • Ensure compliance with enterprise agreements
“The time and attendance features are crucial to paying our weekly wage cycle; Kronos Support has proved invaluable in ensuring that we meet important timescales.”

Jeff Stewart
Wilmar Group Manager, Information Services


Wilmar’s workforce management solution from Kronos enables the firm to manage the complexities associated with paying its entire workforce accurately and on time each week.

Workforce Central suite

  • Collects time and attendance data for each employee
  • Accurately calculates labour costs in a timely manner
  • Captures time allocated to plant maintenance tasks


Wilmar’s workforce is paid on time, ensuring compliance with enterprise agreements relating to complex pay rules. Wilmar Sugar is also able to manage plant maintenance tasks more effectively. Having an electronic record of the completion of each maintenance tasks ensures compliance with regulations. It also ensures the accuracy of job costing and the actual time taken, providing performance benchmarks for continuous improvement. 


and on time ensuring compliance


data ensures job costing accuracy