Business owners know the process of accurate timekeeping can be a challenge at the best of times. For companies like market research firm Ekas - where 90% of their workforce is mobile at any given time - keeping check of everybody’s movements is an incredible challenge.

With a large casual workforce always on the road, the opportunity for timesheet complacency, and even timesheet fraud, is magnified.

Until three years ago, Ekas employees would fill in a weekly timesheet with the hours they worked. Timesheets were then sent, sometimes even faxed, back to head office for payment. Ekas had no process in place to verify the hours being logged had actually been worked, or if additional expenses like travel time and parking were legitimate.

In a highly competitive, labour intensive industry where profit margins are very tight, not having an accurate representation of how many hours a job could take made it extremely difficult for Ekas to quote new projects.

The trust and honesty system Ekas were relying on was failing them. They required a more robust solution to track employee time that would adapt to their distinct business requirements.

“We had very unique needs and were impressed with the ability of the system to adapt to meet them. On top of that the setup couldn’t have been easier and Kronos really delivered on their promises. We were up and running within 90 days.”

Matthew Thomas
Director of Innovations


Ekas went out to market and looked at a number of solutions. Their unique requirements meant that most providers could offer some solutions, but only one provider could meet all their needs - Kronos Workforce Ready. “With other systems I found there was always extra things I needed to do - I needed to stand on one leg and hold my left arm up just to get through certain things. My Kronos account managers listened to my questions and worked to find me the solutions that were right for us,” said Matthew Thomas, Director of Innovations at Ekas.

Kronos Workforce Ready allows Ekas employees to:

  • Allocate time to particular projects enabling more accurate billing and providing Ekas with an accurate overview of how much time is being spent on what projects, helping them quote more effectively for new business.
  • Use the Kronos mobile app geofencing and GPS functionality to precisely measure travel time and shift starting times when on location - where a higher rate-of-pay applies.
  • Control paycheck accuracy by reducing the human error inherent in manual timesheet collection and processing. Kronos Workforce Ready offers a fully automated, end-to-end timekeeping solution for your business



Change isn’t always immediate. For Ekas, the journey to a more streamlined workforce management solution was confidently and realistically mapped out by experienced Kronos account managers, who committed to have Workforce Ready up and running within 90 days.

“From the day we signed up, our Kronos account managers told us it would take 90 days to implement. To their credit, in 90 days we were ready. Everything was there, it had been done and tested. The promises have always been kept and our contacts at Kronos are always completely supportive. We've always had phone and email support whenever we need it,” Matthew said.

Ekas pays out approximately $2 million in wages to its 200+ staff. Since implementing Workforce Ready, the company has seen an impressive 12% saving in wages through the delivery of more accurate paychecks. This totals around $240,00 a year in savings - a huge impact on the growing business.

Accurate timekeeping technology and the functionality to monitor staff and expenses more closely has seen Ekas take on more work at the current staffing level. Their productivity and their business are prospering.

Seamless Implementation

Workforce Ready up
and running within 90 days

Impressive savings Every year

12% saving in wages
$240,00 a year in savings