Bendigo Health is a public healthcare provider in Australia serving more than 300,000 residents in the state of Victoria. Its 22 sites include hospitals, mental health clinics and residential aged care facilities. Bendigo Health’s mission is based on keeping medical and administrative staff productive and focused on patients and clinical outcomes, whilst reducing the cost to deliver public healthcare services. Utilising technology to capture more accurate data is at the core of this and drove the need for a new workforce management solution.

Bendigo Health needed a solution that could:

  • Roster the employees working on each day
  • Accurately record worked hours
  • Enable managers to efficiently sign-off worked hours and manage variances as needed


Kronos has provided Bendigo Health with a new time and attendance solution that easily tracks worked hours and variances such as leave and sick days.

Workforce Central

  • Schedules the employees
  • Collects employees’ time and attendance data
  • Promotes fairness amongst employees
  • Provides managers with the data they need to make informed decisions and support potentially difficult decisions
  • Allows payroll staff to be focused on supporting managers, instead of being reactive problem solvers
“Overall wages were under budget by $1.5M AUD in the first year, and offline payroll payments reduced by 95%.”

Andrew Collins
Chief Financial Officer


Bendigo Health’s new workforce management solution from Kronos has delivered significant results. Tracking leave and sick days has improved the capture of annual leave by 30%. Bendigo can now ensure people are paid out of the right bucket (leave versus time worked), which saved the organisation costs equivalent to 80 FTEs during its annual slow period in December and January alone. Overall wages were under budget by $1.5M AUD in the first year, offline payroll payments reduced by 95%, and there were significant productivity savings. 


under budget by $1.5M AUD
in the first year
Costs savings
equivalent to 80 FTEs