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Motivating Millennials in Australia

This report, commissioned by Kronos, studies the motivations of Millennials and challenges whether it’s time for organisations to rethink their workforce management strategy.

We question whether the focus should remain on retention or whether organisations should embrace change to measure peak performance and manage staff rotation.

In the report you will learn about the behaviours of Millennials (75% of Australia’s workforce by 2025), how quickly they change roles and what motivates them.

Discover what motivates Millennials, find out how to build a workforce strategy that creates an engaged culture, and learn how to manage tomorrow’s workforce, today.

Where do you start? Here is a list of resources that can help you now:

  • Motivating Millennials report

    A new report into the motivations of Millennials in Australia that asks whether it’s time for organisations to rethink their workforce management strategy.

  • Unlocking the Total Value of Workforce Management Technology

    A new report from industry analysts Brandon Hall Group quantifies the impact that workforce management technology has on organisations 

  • Australia's Choice - Live to Work or Work to Live

    The ageing workforce, lack of financial preparation for retirement and feeling motivated in their job are ongoing issues for Australians. In an attempt to gain a better understanding of how people feel about these topics Kronos conducted in-depth research to gain a better view of the future world of work and the tension that exists around whether we are living to work or working to live. With Australia’s retirement age set to rise to 70 by 2035 the generational gaps in the workforce will experience a very different dynamic that will come from four different generations working together which businesses will need to prepare for.

  • Key lessons learned about motivating a millennial workforce: Infographic

    With the rapid rise of the Millennial generation, building a workforce strategy that creates a thriving, engaged culture has never been more important. This infographic shows key lessons learned about motivating Millennials from a 2016 research report.